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Distributors and operators begin deploying first NFLPA Super Star Football Coins

A few tips on operating and merchandising NFLPA

The first units of Andamiro USA Corp.'s NFLPA Super Star Football Coins began shipping this month and initial income reports are optimistic. In a half dozen test locations around the country, the game has ranked within or near the top five. Comprehensive collection data are expected to be released by mid-January.

NFLPA Super Star Football Coins is the first game created in partnership between Andamiro and NFL Players Inc., the National Football League Players Association's licensing and marketing arm. The NFLPA is a labor organization that represents professional football players and is not part of the National Football League. Likewise, Andamiro's game and collectible coin content puts the focus on NFL players, not their teams. Central to the game are NFLPA souvenir metal coins emblazoned with the faces of 60 professional football players.

Andamiro's game is designed to combine the best arcade gaming experience with the excitement of collecting souvenirs. It employs the elements of a skill crane and coin pusher. The object is to pick up as many coins as possible, using a magnetic "claw," and to place them on the "pusher" platform to initiate a win. It has two player stations.

NFLPA operational and merchandising tips. What you need to know about coin supplies, supplements, awards and operational modes.

» Coin supplies. Coins are supplied in a bundle containing two 2,142- piece sets for a total of 4,284 pieces. There are 476 gold coins, 1,008 green coins, and 2,800 red and blue coins. The highly desirable gold pieces include 28 Tom Brady coins and 56 coins each of eight other iconic players. Load all 4,284 coins when setting up the game. Check and redistribute coins on the playfield -- daily if possible -- to make sure they are displayed evenly and attractively. Concentrate most of the gold coins in the larger center playfield area. Sixty players are featured in the inaugural series. » Payout. The game is designed to award two to three coins per play. If you observe a lot of consecutive plays with no wins and/or a few small wins, larger volume reward events will almost always follow, thus, maintaining the payout average. » Resupplies and supplements. Andamiro is stocking plenty of coin supplies, which will be available through its distributors nationwide. Special NFLPA coin collector's albums are also available. The 8.25" x 10.625" tri-fold portfolio holds Andamiro's 60 featured players. Andamiro is including 50 free collector's albums with each game purchase (offer is valued at $450 and ends Mar. 31). The albums make ideal prizes at the redemption counter; display one album inside or near the machine. » Operational modes. The game can operate as a merchandiser only, leveraging its collector appeal, or in "ticket" redemption mode. The coins double as redemption media (they can be traded in for tickets), so players can keep them or exchange them. The game is also equipped with two ticket dispensers for a "mercy ticket" option (dispenses up to 10 tickets unconditionally when game ends). In redemption mode, each coin color can represent a ticket value; when players accrue all nine gold coins they win the super bonus. Cabinet signage differentiates the two modes.

PHOTO: Sampling above shows the nine NFLPA gold coins (obverse face and reverse side). In redemption mode, a player can trade in the complete gold set for a super bonus value. Note the barcode on the reverse side: each of the four coin colors has its own code that can be programmed to correspond to a particular ticket value.

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